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Briefly about the School

Integrated Secondary School - Centre of Practical Training [ ISS - COP] and The Language School with The Rights of State Language Exams in Valasske Mezirici started its existence continuously by joining four original institutions - The Secondary Vocational School of Electronics [ SOUE, 78 Zamecka str., Valasske Mezirici], The State Language School [ SJS, 78 Zamecka str., Valasske Mezirici], The Secondary Vocational School of Chemistry [ SOUCH, 49 Palackeho str., Valasske Mezirici] and The Secondary Vocational School of Culinary [ SOUP, Sokolska str., Valasske Mezirici]. The educational complex which was founded this way in former Secondary Vocational School of Chemistry in 1994 is able at present to offer education in 3-year or 4-year programmes as well as further education in gastronomy, electronics, chemistry, food industry and machinery courses.

The key words connected to the school

COP - Centre of Practical Training

Is an enlargement of educational activities, which the school expanded in 1994 to be one of 35 such organisations in the Czech republic. It means that this accreditation is valid for the whole region not only as a part of a regular school education in above named specialisations, but as a further education, the State Language School, The School of Welding and other full-life education, such as courses of Computer Science, requalification courses for the Employment Office and other courses according to needs of companies in the region etc.


Is a continuing programme of EU, which the school joined through an international project DETIC of the German firm TELECOM. This project was joining schools with special training from Germany, Italy, Great Britain, France, Spain, Finland and other European states. This way the school acquired a great amount of information and methodology materials for further close cooperation with schools in EU with a goal to level the qualification of our students with the EU standards.


Is an international long-term project realised in our school as a part of project learning. The goal of this project is to enable students to participate personally in the world research of the Earth and teaches them to understand environmental problems, connections and ideas. There are more than 100 schools from all over the world participating in this project. ISS - COP is focusing on students of chemistry, who make regional measurements on meteorology and hydrology, and then mail through Internet the numbers of their measurements to Washington,D.C.,U.S.A. Their work was appreciated several times by special Thank you letter from the Globe Science Centre, U.S.A.


Thanks to this form of education both students and teachers of ISS - COP can get deaper into environmental problems. The school cooperates with The Energy Advisory Centre in Valasske Mezirici, with The Union of Eco - Agriculture Farmers and Producers PROBIO and it is active in advertising their bio - products for wide consuming public. In management and programmes ISS - COP participates regularly in activities for The Day of Earth, which take place in the Valasske Mezirici square, where we present and offer racional food and drinks. For years the school cooperates with social partners VaK Vsetin [ Water and waste water managing company] and the firm MARIUS PEDERSEN,a.s. These firms allow our students to visit their working places and watch closely the whole process of gaining, processing and distribution of drinking water, and at the same time a personal contact with the process of sorting, separating and storing litter for possible use of recycled materials.


People can improve their knowledge of languages in courses with experienced Czech lecturers and native speakers in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian in The Language School with The Rights of State Language Exams. The language school reacts to needs of the language market, and new are lessons of English focused on young children.
Foreigners are offered to join Czech language lessons for foreigners.
Besides language activities it is possible to join courses of gastronomy, for example
- Cold refreshments and cuisine
- Decorative carving of fruit and vegetables
- Making special coffee or cocktails
In the area of ISS - COP it is possible to take courses of basic and advanced Computer Science and at last but not least take place in welding courses.


Mainly students of gastronomy participate regularly in a trade of tourism and travelling REGIONTOUR in Brno, in occasion such as The Day of Earth, eventually a show of special skills for butchers.
Besides trades and competitions students take part in the project ZLIN LEAGUE CO2 and the programme called RECYCLOGAMES. ISS - COP is a member of The Club for Environmental Literacy and Education [ KEV], and students give their own presentation of eco - projects in The Republic Secondary School Conferences of Ecology in Prague.


Students of all branches regularly participate in different regional and republic competitions, in which they are very often awarded for their high placements. Students of electronics represent the school in competitions of special skills ELECTRONICA and NETWORKING ACADEMY GAMES. Chemists present their skills in GLOBE GAMES. Branches of gastronomy and culinary often win medails in many competitions, such as GASTROJUNIOR NOWACO CUP, CARVING CUP SLOVAKIA, CZECH CARVING CUP, GASTRO JUNIOR HRADEC KRALOVE, food processing branches in competitions such as THE CZECH BAKER, THE BUTCHER AXE, THE SATURDAY OF BAKING.
Students talented in sports every year participate in the republic competition called CAN YOU DO IT?, which is organised by the Police of CR. Besides that one our students regularly participate in different football, floorball, volleyball and other matches arranged inside and outside the Zlin region.


Thanks to the programme Leonardo da Vinci our students can regularly spend some time abroad in exchange projects or they host foreign students in Valasske Mezirici. Long term successful cooperation exists between our school and Finnish students of Helsinki Academy of Vocational Training. In the project called TANDEM our students and teachers cooperate with their German colleagues from the town Cham. Thanks to the project called THE DAYS OF MONTE NEGRO CUISINE our students regularly meet students from Monte Negro. Traditional is our cooperation with partner schools in Poprad, Slovakia and Voderady, which came to existence many years ago.


Both students and teachers participate regularly in different charity events. For many years ISS - COP takes part in projects called WHITE PASTEL [ helps to visually challenged people ], CHRISTMAS STAR [ help to children suffering with oncological problems ], EMIL HOLIDAYS [ help to physically and mentally challenged children ]. THE DAY OF FLOWERS [ help to adults suffering with oncological problems ], ORANGE DAY [ help to Alzheimer patiences ], etc.


ISS - COP is a regional educational institution cooperating with social partners { Employment Office, Town Hall Office, Municipal Office of Zlin region, DEZA a.s., CS Cabot, s.r.o., VaK Vsetin, Marius Pedersen, a.s. ] and reacting with flexibility to the needs of work market. It has its representative in the Advice Committee of the general manager of the Employment Office Vsetin focused on education and work opportunities, and in Regional Committee of the Zlin Region for schools and education.


With the capacity of 1230 students ISS - COP is one of the largest schools in the region.

Integrovaná střední škola - Centrum odborné přípravy a Jazyková škola s právem státní jazyková zkoušky Valašské Meziříčí

Palackého 49
75701 Valašské Meziříčí
571 685 222

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