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How our graduates valued our school

It has been some Fridays since I passed my final exams from the subject of Economics in ISS - COP. I would like to say that exactly this knowledge I use daily in my enteurprener activities. I own a flower shop NIRVANA in Valasske Mezirici, and I am happy having the school as one of my clients. At least this way making flower arrangements I can pay back my teachers for what I obtained from them.
Mirka Fojtu, graduate 2001

I am happy that I had an opportunity to study in this particular school. Already for two years I can say with a joy that I can cook; though not everybody likes school years, for me they were the best years I have ever had... I don`t know what more to say, only that I really enjoyed going there.
For graduates: Good luck with youe finals and your future life! And for students in their 1st, 2nd and 3rd year - for you who are still waiting for your exams: LEARN, LEARN, LEARN, so that this exceptional school can be proud of you!!!
Katka Poppova

I have never been sorry that after finishing my Elementary school I joined this one. Courses, according to my feelings were really good as well as practical training. It was our fault [ only some of us - students ], if we didn`t get everything that the school offered. Firstly I thought that joining 2 schools was not a fortunate decision, but with time passing by I think that it was just opposite. The knowledge which we learnt in courses is useful more in my private life, but the school gave me many experiences and advices for my life, which I am very grateful. My big Thank you belongs to teacher Holanova. She taught us really well. All the women teachers especially were very tolerant, understanding and they were good examples for students. I hope that it still exists, because I think it can help many teenagers [ just like me ]. Anyway, the summary of my feelings is: The school is great and you can obtain a lot just there.

I still remember how nervous and shaky I was any time my name was called, but after each lesson my nervousness was getting smaller and I felt better. And when the knowledge somehow disappeared I still felt better. Looking back now I would prefer to take English instead of Math for my finals. Not because I passed it with 4 which I deserved, but because at present I need languages on the communication level. However, I have very nice memories and I think I was lucky being in Ms. Holanova class. At present I don`t do cooking as my job, I work in Austria as an au-pair, which means that I switched from cooking to child care. But one day I`ll be back in the kitchen, because I really like to be a chef, even though now I only taste Austrian cuisine

Daniel Sestak

Well, it is a bit complicated to talk about school and its courses, which we finished two years ago. Why? Because we don`t know what has changed there since. But talking only about my own feelings, I like my memories of school days, my mates and some teachers. From my point of view the school was very important for my life. I think if a student studied a least a bit, he - she should learn a lot. I still study, and I can say I take a lot from the knowledge I got in ISS - COP, and it has been helping me through my study at university. Possibly it is because basically I have been continuing in the branch - chemistry and technology of food and management in gastronomy.
We were lucky to have such teachers, who were able to give us courses well and in an interesting way. Namely first of all Ms. Holanova a Paprstkarova, who especially helped us a lot in our graduation year, especially in practical training with our documentary works. I would like to thank Ms. Hajna, too, though sometimes I hated her lessons of Economics, but now I admit that thanks to her I passed university exams in Economics and Accountancy. Thanks to a good basic knowledge from ISS - COP I didn`t need to study very hard and I understood the topics better than some my colleagues. Of course, I can`t speak for everybody, but my personal feelings are positive.
Jana Dobiasova

I really liked this school very much and I learned a lot there. Teachers were great , and if you ask me what to change, my answer is: Nothing.
Maybe only practical training 5 days instead of 4, chemical laboratories should be modernised and more tourist and special excursions would be welcome. Besides that the school should stay what it used to be when I was there.
Eliska Krockova

My previous info about this school was that it is for pupils who were not accepted in grammar schools or technical secondary schools. Simply - poor and unsuccessful children. Well, now I think that it is not true. Personally I was a student of more different schools, ISS - COP appeared to me as a very complex institution, according to my feelings with a big potential and perspective, and with a collective of great teachers. Had I been a pupil leaving class 9 of elementary school now, I would have filled my application form with the name of this school again.
Martin Bechny, graduate 2009

I don`t want to repeat what many ex - students said before, but I have to say that the school was good - theoretical courses as well as practical training. What I would more appreciate [ according to my branch Mechanist of machinery and equipment] is more emphasis on CNC machines. Otherwise the school is OK, and I definitely disagree with the idea that it is for "some poorer students". I think that in some ways I was better prepared than some students from the Secondary school of machinery. Now in my job I really found out that I am better qualified. The school was a good match for me - good teachers, great schoolmates. If I was chosing the school now, I would go for this one again.
Martin Hurtik, graduate 2009

The school is great in all ways - welding courses, practical training inside the school area with possibilities to practise outside in firms as well, an excellent group of teachers and splendid communication, there are lots of preferences. My opinion is the same as Pavel Hurtik`s: as I studied The branch Mechanist of machinery and equipment, I would welcome more time and space focussing on CNC machines. However, if I had filled an application form for secondary school again, I would have chosen ISS - COP Valasske Mezirici for sure. I was very content there, we had a great collective there. These were four best years of my life.
Lukas Svak, graduate 2009

I agree that this particular school is on a good level, I was really satisfied being there. I can only recommend and praise it. There was only one thing which bothered me: the practical training in the branch Mechanist of machinery and equipment didn`t offer much. Except welding courses, 2 weeks on the lathe and 2 weeks on a milling cutter I didn`t learn much. It would be better, if the lessons are really focused on machines and equipment!!!
Petr Machala, graduate 2005

I have been working in a firm as a chemist for a bit longer than five years. I can say that my education on ISS - COP gave me enough knowledge for my job. I have to learn new things in chemistry continuously, but I think that the branch of chemistry provides a good base for universities as well as for professional life. Continue in it! Yours sincerely,
Martina Skypalova, graduate 2004

Hi, when I entered ISS - COP [ which is already some time ago], I thought that the main story about the school was that there weren`t any entrance tests, and that`s why many pupils chose to get there. Well,in the second term it was my choice, too, because in the first I wasn`t accepted at another school of my dreams. As the time went by I was pleased more and more, and after several weeks I didn`t mind at all, that I couldn`t go where I wanted to be. I was very grateful for the rotation we did in the first year of practical training, which I`ll never lose, and in fact I used the knowledge already several times, even though being a girl sometimes I felt lost, manly in training electronics. Anyway, practical training at school is exceptional, it is a great prove how to use your theoretical knowledge when going through hands - on experiments. On the other side the fact is, that the theoretical knowledge of graduates from grammar schools was higher when we started studying university. Well, for a good balance we were better when working in laboratories, where their skills were poor. I graduated from ISS - COP long time ago and I have no clue what has changed in courses in ISS - COP since. Even the story about the school accepting students without entrance tests is definitely over, because in some years there haven`t been any tests almost at any secondary school. But - have I chosen this school again? Sorry, but definitely no! Even though these were really happy years and sometimes I wish I could return them, commute by train again, walk from the station to school afraid whether it was me going for an exam, with my experience I would choose a different secondary school. Why? Because later I switched from chemistry to human science, which I feel more satisfied with. However, the school itself is superb, and I`ll never forget the years I spent there. My open question for the school at present is: what has changed after joining another school with different branches?
Michaela Slovackova

Hello, our school was able to prepare me well for laboratory works and all courses in chemistry had a very good level. It would be good to teach some basics of biochemistry, too.
My biggest problem when entering university was called Math, because we didn`t have the same courses as students from some other schools; however, our teachers thought that these topics were already explained and understood in the past [ especially derivatives and integrals]. I don`t know how high is the number of students who wish to continue at universities, but it would be great to learn it in Math lessons or to start some Math club for such students. I think it`s a good idea. Even from my former schoolmates experiences I know that Math was such a big problem, that many of them weren`t able to pass, and had to quit universities.
Ing. Lenka Malinova

This school placed me very well to the starting line of my professional life, gave me a lot of experience, new friends and contacts. As I can see when I return sometimes for a visit, the school is getting a new appearance, classrooms are equipped with up - to - date technology, and the surroundings are getting nicer, too. I would say that it became a great competitor to all other secondary schools in the region.
Jan Jurasek, E4M, 2007

I have only all good memories of this secondary school. As the time passes by I find out that it was the most wonderful period in my life. One is still out of real problems, discovering a new world. I learned a lot, met many great friends who I still keep in touch. I have to say that there are many exceptional teachers in both theory and practical training. Simply said I am happy that I graduated from this particular school.
Lenka Decka

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