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Renting different spaces and facilities

It is possible to rent:

  • A playground with an athletic track for one-time events - maximum length 1 day [ photo ] - Contact Mgr. Rene Camfrla
  • A gymnasium, fitness centre, table tennis room - Contact Mgr. Rene Camfrla
  • Auditorium [ 88 seats ] - Contact Ms. Eva Valkova
  • Computer science classroom - Contact Ms. Eva Valkova
  • Presentation room [ 30 places, equipment: electronic touch board, audio technics, dataprojector ] - Contact Ms. Eva Valkova
  • Standard classrooms - Contact Ms. Eva Valkova

The cost of rent differs according to the rental period and the number of persons. The price will be told in advance after the client`s agreement.

Public service

ISS - COP Valasske Mezirici offers to public following services as a part of its other activities:

  • Meal service: dinner, supper - Contact Ms. Jarmila Kostkova (The prices may vary from time to time according to actual calculation)
  • Accommodation for a group of people taking place in special occasions right in the school area, or in the town Valasske Mezirici [ sport meetings and competitions, language courses, festivals etc. ] especially at the time of summer school holidays. The cost is defined according to the number of people and the period of stay.- Contact Mgr. Frantisek Hubacek

Integrovaná střední škola - Centrum odborné přípravy a Jazyková škola s právem státní jazyková zkoušky Valašské Meziříčí

Palackého 49
75701 Valašské Meziříčí
571 685 222

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